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U.S. Democrats plan to give Israel an addition $225 million for military spending. The same bill also cuts $1 billion of emergency funds meant to deal with the 50,000 undocumented child migrants held in crowded and unsanitary border facilities.
Israel already received $504 million for the joint U.S.-Israel Missle Defense Program for the Fiscal Year of 2014. That is not including the $3.1 Billion the Obama Administration spent on Foreign Military Financing (FMF) for Israel for the Fiscal Year 2014.

Fuck this

no money for water in detroit
no money for public schools
no money for student loan debt relief
no money for healthcare 
no money for crumbling infrastructure
no money for economic investment in inner cities and indian country
no money 
no money 
no money 
no money

People need to get angry now
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public school dress code
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im getting this tattooed on my ass
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me: [clicks on customize]
me: [opens 18 tabs]
me: [puts on hard-hat]
me: time to change my theme.

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